Step by Step Tips

To learn more about the Renewable Energy Finance Program, simply follow the step by step tips below.

Step 1

Review the Program Guidelines (PDF) regarding Renewable Energy Finance Program. Following the guidelines review, contact Mike Noreen 715-426-3467.

Step 2

Complete the Focus on Energy Home Performance with ENERGY STAR in-home energy evaluation* ($300 cost, but required to qualify for the Focus on Energy - energy efficiency incentives). Following the evaluation, contact Focus on Energy at 800-762-7077 or visit the Focus on Energy website.

Step 3

Obtain bid proposals (including down payment requirements) from approved installer / assessor and complete Project Finance Application (PDF) ($300 to $600 cost for wind site assessment). The customer should then contact the installer / assessor.

Estimate Working Guides

Step 4

Pay application fee ($25 to $100 non-refundable application fee) and submit required documentation. Customer to contact Mike Noreen at 715-426-3467.

  • Focus on Energy Home Performance with ENERGY STAR in-home energy evaluation
  • Bid Proposal (including down payment requirements and detailed project information)
  • Project Finance Application (PDF)

Step 5

Conduct internal review, the Project Finance Worksheets (PDF) (not to exceed 30 days). Utility to contact customer.

Step 6

Sign the Post Approval Checklist (PDF), receive Notice to Proceed (PDF), and obtain a Building Permit (PDF). Utility to contact customer. Additional documents following:

Step 7

Proceed with installation and complete Installation Checklist (PDF) which must be completed within 6 months. Customer to contact Mike Noreen 715-426-3467 and City of River Falls Building Inspector 1 week prior to start and upon completion.

Contractor signs and submits Installation Affidavit (PDF).**

Step 8

Conduct final inspection and submit copy of the Final Bill Submittal (PDF) for payment. Customer to submit to Mike Noreen 715-426-3467.

Step 9

Process payment directly to installer, record Mortgage (PDF), and submit information for collection on Property Taxes (PDF). Utility responsibility.

Step 10

Pay Property Taxes (PDF), including renewable energy loan portion. Customer responsibility.

Additional Information

* Not required if home is certified as ENERGY STAR home or previous evaluation was performed.

** Only required for Solar Electric and Wind.

For additional information, please contact Mike Noreen at 715-426-3467. For additional information regarding Focus On Energy fact sheets, incentives, etc., simply call 800-762-7077 or visit the Focus on Energy website.