Medallion Hunt Clues

Clue Number 1 - Monday, October 3rd

To get to the prize we sometimes must take an alternative path,
You would have to dig to find holes in our 117 year history,
We embrace innovation so you can too,
It’s not for eating; it’s just for looking through.

Clue Number 2 - Tuesday, October 4th

William Mckinley was on top when RFMU opened up shop,
There has been a lot of history made in this town of ours,
The grid, pipes and towers,
Owned by the people and transparent for all to see.

Clue Number 3 - Wednesday, October 5th

Let Public Power help your business grow like wildflowers,
No rate hikes near term means steady electric costs,
Benefits stay local, no out of town shareholders to serve,
Helping the community conserve energy comes natural with public power,
Let Public Power help your business and family grow. 

Clue Number 4 - Thursday, October 6th

Clue Number 5 - Friday, October 7th

Thank you for playing!