Current Projects

Kinni Corridor Project

The City of River Falls has embarked on a three-year, multi-phased process that will lead to a comprehensive long-term plan for the Kinnickinnic River Corridor, which will include a decision to keep or remove one or both of the City's hydroelectric dams. Visit for the latest information on Kinni Corridor planning, reports and assessments, timelines, links to stakeholder groups, feedback opportunities, event calendar and more.

Trail Plan

The City continues to maintain and enhance the trails along the Kinnickinnic River. In 2015 the City acquired the property and in 2016 completed the trail from the University Falls to Family Fresh. In 2013 the City acquired property between Family Fresh and the Kinnickinnic River. Design is underway, which includes upgrades to the existing pathway, with construction beginning in 2017. In 2015 the City received a grant from the Department of Natural Resources Stewardship Program to construct a paved trail between Heritage Park and Division Street. This trail will pass underneath the Maple Street Bridge and have a spur connection to the riverside plaza at City Hall. Construction is to begin in 2017and be completed by summer of 2018. The City's future plans also include construction of a pedestrian bridge on railroad abutments across the Kinnickinnic River that would connect the Kinnickinnic River Trail near Family Fresh to the Kinnickinnic Trail near Heritage Park. The Downtown Design Plan adopted in 2002 anticipated a trail bridge connecting from West Walnut to the Old Rail Trestle Bridge. This construction will occur after construction of the Old Rail Trestle segment, possible as early as 2022.

Glen Park Master Plan

Improvements to Glen Park include new parking, expanded pool deck and splash pad, new playground, new event building, new ball fields, upgraded trails and other amenities. The estimated cost of the project is $4 million funded by the City's capital budget. Preliminary design plan will begin in the fall of 2017 with estimated construction in 2018.


In May 2017 the City will begin work to develop a Community Signage and Wayfinding Master Plan to provide a framework to develop an attractive signage system for city-wide wayfinding and signs for municipal buildings and recreational facilities. Attractive wayfinding adds value to a community. Through this project, the community, the City seeks to:
- Create community gateways that are welcoming, memorable, and set a positive  tone for those entering the City for the first time.
- Develop a wayfinding system that allows visitors to comfortably navigate their way around the community.
- Establish an enduring design for municipal buildings, recreational facilities, and the city-owned corporate parks.
- Eliminate sign redundancy and reduce visual clutter created by unneeded         signs.  

The City Council approved the community signage and wayfinding master plan at the April 10th meeting. Staff is excited to begin the implementation phase of the project where we will begin installing signs throughout the community. The City is working with project partners to help with implementation, including the Business Improvement District, River Falls Chamber of Commerce, University of Wisconsin - River Falls, Chippewa Valley Technical College and the River Falls School District. Sign installation will occur over a number of years, but residents can expect to see directional signs later this year.

Wayfinding Signs
Technical Specifications
Program Schedule
Location Plan


2017 Glen Park Safe Room
2016 Swinging Bridge National Register Nomination
2015 DNR Lake George Trail - Heritage Park to West Division
2014-2015 Intensive Architectural and Historic Survey
2014 Hoffman Park Safe Room