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Produce a program
Call River Falls Community Television (RFC-TV) at 715-425-5400 to set up an orientation meeting with RFC-TV staff and to receive your copy of the RFC-TV Policy and Procedure Handbook.

This meeting consists of a tour of the facility and basic overview of RFC-TV procedures, training classes, and scheduling requirements. In most cases, you will need training on the use of RFC-TV equipment and/or facilities to produce any community programming.

Volunteer Opportunities
 Taren and Anna
 Taren and Anna

RFC-TV volunteers play a vital role in the production of community programming. No experience is necessary, and RFC-TV provides a great environment for learning the basics of video production.
RFC-TV Volunteer Tracking Sheet

RFC-TV 16 Classes

The following classes are offered by RFC-TV. Please call 715-425-5400 for additional information.

Orientation to RFC-TV 16
Cost: Free

This hour-long class will introduce you to the world of Public Access Television. Learn the benefits and resources available for making your own television productions. At this meeting you will receive your copy of the RFC-TV 16 Policies and Procedures Handbook, tour the facility, and we'll give you a basic overview of what it takes to produce your own program.

In most cases, you will need training on the use of RFC-TV 16 equipment to produce any community programs. This class is mandatory and is a prerequisite to all training classes.

Field Production

Cost: Free

After completing the Orientation to RFC-TV 16, class participants can take Field Production and learn portable video camera operation or "electronic field production" (EFP). This class is designed for those who want to record material outside of the RFC-TV 16 facilities.

Studio Production
Cost: Free

Class participants can also look forward to taking studio production, which is an introduction to the various equipment items in the studio and control area with a chance to practice on the equipment. You'll get hands-on experience producing a television show in a studio setting while actually recording a program that will be cablecast on RFC-TV 16.

Basic Editing
Cost: $15

Finally, volunteers can participate in basic editing. Here, class participants are given an introduction to videotape editing concepts and how to put a program together with a chance to practice editing.


Ph: 715-425-5400

City Hall

222 Lewis St.
River Falls, WI 54022

Hours vary due to the production schedule.
Please call or e-mail in advance.