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City Board of Appeals
 Board of Appeals
Board of Appeals Members, left to right: Gary Horvath, Andrew Brown, Morris Marsolek, Eric Amundsen, and Jeanette Leonard.

This board meets as required.


  • Andrew Brown - Term Expires February 2018
  • Gary Horvath - Term Expires October 2020
  • Jeanette Leonard - Term Expires October 2019
  • Morris Marsolek - Term Expires October 2020  
  • Eric Amundsen - Term Expires October 2018    
  • First and Second Alternates - Vacant

Appointing authority lies with the mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council. Members are elected to three-year terms.
  • Compensation: Per Resolution Number 3041, Dated August 22, 1997
  • Legal Basis: WI Stats.62.23(7) - Municipal Code Section 17.104.030

The duties of this board are to hear and decide appeals and variances per code requirements.

Amy Peterson, AICP
Development Services Director 

Ph: 715-426-3425

Brandy Howe, AICP
Senior Planner 
Ph: 715-426-3431