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Adopted Work Plans
Administration's 2017-2019 Work Plan
On September 12, 2017 the City Council adopted the Administration's 2017-2019 Work Plan. The plan is guided by the Strategic Plan and identified priorities are driven by the six P's which include Place, Policy, Planning, Proficiency, Partnerships, and People. 

Administration's 2015-2017 Work Plan
City staff has finished the work plan projects adopted as part of the Administration's 2015-2017 Major Work Plan. It was adopted by the City Council on July 28, 2015. The Administration's 2015-2017 Major Work Plan is different from other Work Plans developed in the Past. The Major Work Plan is driven by the Strategic Plan and aligns with the Strategic Plan goals and support the strategic initiatives and key outcome indicators. 

2013-2015 Work Plan
City staff has finished the work plan projects adopted as part of the 2013-2015 Work Plan. It was adopted by the City Council on July 23, 2013.

Completed Work Plans
The following Work Plans were adopted with previous forms of the City's adopted organizational goals and strategies.

Organizational Goals
  1. Deliver quality, cost effective municipal services
  2. Develop a high performance workforce
  3. Promote economic vitality by supporting existing infrastructure and engaging in development activities that fit with the community's character
  4. Promote a positive image

Key Strategies
  • Communicate effectively to a board audience
  • Engage the community in our work
  • Seek partnerships
  • Commit to sustainability
  • Consider our history and culture

Scot Simpson
City Administrator

Julie Bergstrom
Assistant City Administrator
Ph: 715-426-3416

Kristi McKahan
Executive Assistant
Ph: 715-426-3403

Mary Zimmermann
Communications Manager
Ph: 715-426-3405

Keri Schreiner
Management Analyst
Ph: 715-426-3469

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