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River Falls Community Television Channel 16
Bringing River Falls Home to You!

Local Sports
Wildcat Football, Volleyball, Girls/Boys Basketball, Girls/Boys Hockey, Girls/Boys Soccer

Local Church Services
Church Block every Wednesday evening and Thursday mornings

Local Events
River Falls Days Parade, Music in the Park, Relay for Life, Memorial Day Ceremony, Veterans Day Program, River Dazzle, Art on the Kinni, Threshing Bee, Falcon Rodeo

Volunteer Programs
Rock Talk, FESTIVAL!, Arts Alive in River Falls, DJ’s Book Review and Beverage, Constitutional Rights, Bowl of Fun!, 20 Questions

Local Non-Profit Information
Over 160 Area Non-Profits utilize RFC-TV!

RFC-TV programs and government meetings available on DVD. Please allow seven to 10 business days for duplications. 
    •One DVD is $15 
    •More than two DVDs of the same program will be $10 each 

Requests for duplications may be made by Email or phone at 715-425-5400.

Request Your Program to be Played on RFC-TV
Locally produced programs are given our highest priority. Non-locally produced programs (programs produced outside the City of River Falls corporate boundaries) may be cablecast on RFC-TV provided the program is sponsored by a legal resident of River Falls and meets all the requirements as listed within the guidelines of the RFC-TV Policy and Procedures. Please submit your program as one playable video on a clearly labeled DVD with the RFC-TV Request for Cablecast Form attached to it.