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Committee Members
POWERful Choices! is comprised of both programming and a committee. The intent of the committee is to advise staff on programming, but also to act as marketers of the POWERful Choices! initiative. The advisory committee is made up of community members representing different rate classes, as well as, those who will help POWERful Choices! meet its goals. Representatives include residential, commercial, and industrial customers as well as, trade allies and educators.

Staff Representation & Responsibilities
Members include:
  • Weston Arndt - WPPI Energy
  • Kristi Hartmon - River Falls Municipal Utilities
  • Dave Hovel - City of River Falls
  • Mike Noreen - River Falls Municipal Utilities

Responsibilities include:
  • Actively promote energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable resource development
  • Act as communication liaison between Utility Advisory Board, City Council, and the committee
  • Facilitate meetings and ensure the effectiveness by directing discussions to meet goals
  • Schedule and develop agenda for meetings based on member input and existing timelines
  • Follow-up on assigned responsibilities
  • Introduce and orient new members
  • Ensure meeting minutes are recorded, completed, and distributed in a timely fashion

Community Representation & Responsibilities
POWERful Choices! members are approved by the Utility Advisory Board on an annual basis. Potential members submit an Application of Interest supplied by staff. Potential members are encouraged to participate as a guest prior to submitting an application. The committee has no spending authority, so reaching consensus is not critical to the success of the committee.

Community Members
  • Elaine Baumann - River Falls School District
  • Kelly Cain - University of Wisconsin River Falls
  • Katie Chaffee - Resident Citizen
  • Matt Fitzgerald - University of Wisconsin River Falls
  • Don Richards - Resident Citizen
  • Steve Sandeen - River Falls Area Hospital
  • Todd Sarnstrom - Interfacial Solutions
  • Paul Steiner - Steiner Plumbing and Heating
  • Mike Stifter - University of Wisconsin River Falls
  • Nick Wilson - River Falls High School Student

  • Attend meetings on time
  • Bring energy conservation and renewable energy ideas to committee meetings
  • Actively promote energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable resource development to create more visibility by motivating the community to work together and contribute to the increase in overall participation and success
  • Act as ambassadors for programs, services, and projects as offered to RFMU customers
  • Participate in marketing and outreach for utility programs, including acting as spokespersons on radio and cable television and to community civic groups
  • Assist in organizing and participating in community events designed to promote the initiative
  • Provide feedback from other community residents and businesses
  • Communicate committee activities to peers, co-workers, neighbors, and others
  • Coordinate efforts to encourage citizen participation in efforts to reduce energy use and adopt sustainable technologies and lifestyles