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Assisted Home Performance With ENERGY STAR
Making your home more energy efficient can help reduce your energy bills, improve the comfort of your home, and save money. The Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program has enhanced rewards of up to $2,500 available for households with an income less than 80% of the State Median Income (SMI). For example, a family of 4 with an annual income of approximately $62,357 would qualify!

Encouraging & Rewarding
This Focus on Energy program encourages and rewards qualified homeowners to make air sealing and insulation improvements, typically areas where a homeowner can quickly improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home for a small investment. Homeowners that participate in the program can expect to save up to 30% on their annual utility bills.

Additional Information
To download an Income Eligibility Application or learn more about the program, visit the Focus on Energy website or view the Program Overview (PDF).