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Channel 16 Bulletin Board
The RFC-TV Channel 16 Bulletin Board is a free service available to non-profit organizations in the River Falls area who wish to post their announcements on Cable Channel 16.

Bulletin Board “slides” run continuously in between scheduled programming. To submit a JPEG slide containing the details of your event, email the JPEG file to  and include "Channel 16 Bulletin Board" in the subject line.

Slides that contain information too small to read, or are in the wrong format, may be rejected for Bulletin Board playback. Following the slide creation tips and specs outlined below will ensure that your announcement is aired.

Slide Creation Tips and Specs

Create your slide in Microsoft PowerPoint or in a similar program. Once you have created the slide, export or save it as a JPEG file.

Name the file by using the end date of the event (Y-M-D) and an abbreviated organization or event name. If the slide announces a general service you provide, omit the date and use underscores so that there are no spaces. Example: Your organization is “Meals on Wheels”, and the date of the event is January 1, 2017. Your file may be named something like this: 170125_MOW.
Use dark colors for the background and light colors for the text. Bright red bleeds. Use simple, ordinary fonts and make text larger than you would on a computer screen. Keep content away from outer edges of the slide. Include the “who, what, when, and where”. Slides run 10-15 seconds each. Above all, keep the content simple! Think of it as a billboard.


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