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City Mapping
General Information

Park & Recreation Maps

Surrounding Counties & Districts
  • Pierce County Land Information - This links to the land information and mapping website maintained by Pierce County, including information on parcels, school districts, aerial photos, emergency zones, supervisory districts.
  • St. Croix County Land Information - This links to the land information and mapping website maintained by St. Croix County, including information on parcels and tax information.

Zoning Maps
  • Official Map - This map, in accordance with state statutes, shows the current and future roads and parks, among other things.
  • Official Zoning Map - This map displays the current zoning assigned to certain areas within the city.
  • Official ETZ Map - This map reflects the zoning requirements within the extraterritorial zone of the city.

Reid Wronski
City Engineer
Ph: 715-426-3409