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Snow Removal
Forts, Tunnels & Other Snow Structures
During the winter snowplowing season, the River Falls Public Works Department asks for the cooperation of residents to not allow forts, tunnels, etc. to be constructed along street boulevards or right of ways. Snow plowing cleaning operations could cause the collapsing of such structures. Please do not deposit snow from private property, driveways, or parking lots onto the street or other private property. Doing so may violate City Ordinance 12.04.0308.04: Snow and Ice Removal.

If you have any questions, please contact the River Falls Public Works Department at 715-425-0900.

Snow Removal
River Falls snow removal equipment is comprised of five large trucks equipped with front and wing plows and pre-wet chemical spreaders.  Four of the trucks also have a plow underneath which helps remove compacted snow and ice.  There are also three pickup trucks that are used to plow smaller areas and alleyways, and specialized equipment for sidewalks, parking lots and specialized for the down town area.  For the northern and eastern ends of the City and newer developments, snow removal services are contracted to provide additional assistance without expensive capital, labor, fuel and maintenance costs. Watch this Snow Removal Video

The City applies anti-icing solution prior to snow events to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement, which allows easier removal.  The City also uses the least amount of salt necessary to maintain safe, ice-free surfaces on main routes.

Please read more about our snow and ice removal operations or check out our snow plowing priority map.

Sidewalk Snow Removal
The owner / occupant of any lot or parcel shall have the snow and ice removed within 24 hours after the snowfall ceases. If the owner / occupant fails to comply with this requirement, the city shall remove the snow and ice and charge the property owner. The cost for the city to remove the snow and/or ice shall be billed according to the city's current fee schedule. Failure to pay for these services will result in the costs being placed on the annual tax roll for that property.

Note: Only one notice will be sent to the property owner per snow season regarding clearing of sidewalks. After the first notice, the city will clear sidewalks if they have not been done.

For more information please see Municipal Code Section 12.04.030.