Vision, Mission, and Values

The River Falls City Council adopted the following vision, mission, and values as part of its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.


A distinct, vibrant, and safe community with an abundance of nature and easy access to metropolitan amenities. A place where families, students, and businesses flourish.


To coordinate and deliver essential services and ensure a sustainable future.


1)  Put people first

  • Engage customers
  • Practice empathetic listening
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences

2)  Pursue excellence

  • Maintain professional image and conduct
  • Communicate effectively in a timely manner
  • Create high-quality outcomes

3)  Act with integrity

  • Do what we say
  • Keep our commitments
  • Be honest and truthful
  • Be transparent and accessible

4)  Embrace change

  • Search for opportunities to innovate
  • Practice flexible problem-solving
  • Ask “Why?” and “Why not?"

5)  Serve our community

  • Demonstrate passion and pride for our job
  • Have a positive impact on our community
  • Encourage continuous feedback
  • Document and share results

6)  Consider future generations

  • Make big plans
  • Leave things better than we found them
  • Be mindful of the assets we inherited
Values Statement Graphic