Rain Barrels


The City of River Falls in conjunction with River Falls Municipal Utility are offering a rebate of up to $30 for city residents who install a rain barrel. The rebate is for rain barrels purchased from a 3rd party. A rain barrel collects and stores rain water from your rooftop which you can later use to water your lawn or garden, or to wash your car. Using a rain barrel is a great first step to healthier rivers and lakes. This rebate is available for city residents only.


Find out how much water falls on your roof here: Rainfall Calculator

If you have recently purchased a rain barrel, please download the Rain Barrel Rebate Form for additional information on how to obtain your rebate.

Rain Barrel Installation

Rain barrels come in different sizes as well as a variety of colors to match just about any home. Most barrels have screened lids to keep mosquitoes, leaves and debris out. The barrels are designed with an overflow feature to keep water away from the foundation of your home. Barrels may need to be elevated to allow water flow to gardens and/or your lawn. They are very easy to install.

Read the Rain Barrels Homeowners Manual for additional information.