Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Repair

Curb and Gutter Repair / Replacement is coordinated with the Mill and Overlay program. Streets slated for Mill and Overlay be repaired prior to the Mill and Overlay being preformed.

  • The repair of cracked, spalled, or offset curb and gutter.
  • Spot repair of curb and gutter is conducted in collaboration with mill and overlay projects.
  • Complete replacement of curb and gutter is factored into reconstruction projects.

Sidewalk Repair/Replacement

Sidewalk repair is performed to eliminate tripping hazards on the Public walks throughout the city. If you are aware of a walk section that presents such a hazard, please report it to the Engineering Department at 715-425-0900.

  • The repair of cracked, spalled, or differentially-settled sidewalk slabs.
  • Eliminate tripping hazards.
  • Individual slab replacement is the most common solution.

Access to Property

If new concrete is placed in front of your driveway, you will need to keep off these surfaces for at least three days for light traffic and seven days for heavier traffic. The contractor has been instructed to give residents notice prior to service interruption.

Landscape Restoration

Landscape restoration for this project will be to a condition equal to or better than the existing conditions. Disturbed areas in front of private residences will be restored with seed and mulch.


This project may require the relocation of some mailboxes within the construction zone. The contractor will remove the mailboxes, on an as-needed basis, and move them away from the roadway, outside the construction zone. If your mailbox is removed, the options for continued mail service are to either re-establish your mailbox at a temporary location outside of the construction zone (away from the construction area), or to request that the River Falls Post Office holds your mail for pickup. Upon project completion, all property owners are responsible for locating their mailboxes at a curbside location. The City and the contractor are not responsible for relocating mailboxes. Property owners will be responsible for reinstalling mailboxes at both their temporary and permanent locations.  The City will work in good faith with property owners to minimize the inconvenience. 


Your patience and cooperation during construction will be greatly appreciated. We understand that the construction process creates a significant disruption in your scheduled daily activities. The successful completion of any project is most certainly a cooperative effort of the City of River Falls, the Contractors, and you the Citizen.

Project Tips Be Alert!!

Watch for construction workers and vehicles in the construction area. Please drive slowly when in the construction zone; give the workers "THE BRAKE" Observe warning signs for changing conditions. Please assist in keeping children away from dangerous areas and equipment.