Mill & Overlay Streets

The mill and overlay repair is used to give existing pavement a new surface layer of asphalt.  The process consists of:

  • Spot repairing curb and gutter
  • Milling existing pavement to the curb edges
  • Raising manholes
  • Overlaying the street with new asphalt pavement

Access to Property

This work will generally not limit access to properties or driveways.  On-street parking may temporarily be prohibited during construction. The contractor has been instructed to give residents notice prior to such interruptions.

Landscape Restoration

The mill and overlay process will typically not disturb boulevard areas.  Spot repair of curb and gutter will usually cause minor disturbance to boulevard areas.  Landscape restoration will be to a condition equal to or better than the existing conditions. Disturbed areas in front of private residences will be restored with seed and mulch.


Your patience and cooperation during construction will be greatly appreciated. We understand that the construction process creates a significant disruption in your scheduled daily activities. The successful completion of any project is most certainly a cooperative effort of the City of River Falls, the Contractors, and you the Citizen.

Project Tips be Alert!!

Watch for construction workers and vehicles in the construction area. Please drive slowly when in the construction zone; give the workers "THE BRAKE." Observe warning signs for changing conditions. Please assist in keeping children away from dangerous areas and equipment.