Seal Coating Streets

Seal coating is normally used on streets with a PCI between 55 and 75 (with the rating of 100 being used on a new street). Seal Coating consists of the following:

  • The application of an asphaltic binder spray overlaid with a layer of crushed stones
  • After the oil has cured (approximately 5 to 10 days) excess material will be swept up with a street sweeper. The City will sweep these streets more frequently the first year to continue to gather excess stones that may dislodge throughout the season.
  • Provides a waterproof surface seal and a skid-resistant surface to the pavement.
  • Protects the pavement from the deteriorating effects of traffic, sun, wind, and water.
  • Best suited for low-volume, structurally sound streets.
  • It has been shown to extend pavement life by approximately 6 years.

Access to Property

Residents may have access to their properties occasionally interrupted during construction days. No parking signs will be posted in advance and parking will be prohibited on the street until seal coating operations are complete.

Landscape Restoration

The Seal Coating process will typically not disturb boulevard areas.


Your patience and cooperation during construction will be greatly appreciated. We understand that the construction process creates a significant disruption in your scheduled daily activities. The successful completion of any project is most certainly a cooperative effort of the City of River Falls, the Contractors, and you the Citizen.

Project Tips Be Alert!!

Watch for construction workers and vehicles in the construction area. Please drive slowly when in the construction zone; give the workers "THE BRAKE" Observe warning signs for changing conditions. Please assist in keeping children away from dangerous areas and equipment.