Sterling Ponds Corporate Park

The City of River Falls has begun construction in the Sterling Ponds Corporate Park between the Radio Road interchange and the existing Sterling Ponds Subdivision. This project has been in development since 2011 when the City purchased land for a new corporate park to provide a sustainable economic base and jobs for the City and region.

The corporate park is very similar to the existing Whitetail Corporate Park across the highway, with similar types of tenants and buildings and includes paved trails along the street.

Tenant Update

The first tenant, TurnKey Corrections/Three Square Market, broke ground May 24, 2016. The company occupies two of the eleven industrial lots included in the park.

The second tenant, WinField Solutions, started construction in fall 2016 and had its grand opening in September 2017. 

The third tenant, St. Croix Valley Business Innovation Center, opened in February 2018.


Review Committee

An Architectural Review Committee, which includes representatives from the River Falls Economic Development Corporation and corporate park tenants, as well as two residential property owners of the adjacent Sterling Ponds neighborhood, helps to develop covenants and design guidelines for the new properties.


As part of the final restoration work for the Radio Road interchange, a crushed rock trail along Chapman Drive will be completed this fall from Kingsbarn Avenue west to the paved trail at the interchange.

Construction Information

The City and the contractor will work hard to minimize impact to neighboring residents. This includes minimizing construction traffic through the neighborhood. For safety, we ask that the public please stay out of the construction site at all times for the duration of construction. Dangers can include large moving equipment, material stockpiles, trenches, and others so please remind your children not to play in construction sites. Thank you for your understanding during construction.

Future Neighborhood Development

In addition to the industrial site, the City is working with developers and property owners to build new single-family housing units on vacant property in the neighborhood to the east. The City is also considering developing additional park space there.


Scot Simpson, City Administrator, 715-426-3403 or Email

Keri Schreiner, Economic Development Specialist, 715-426-3469 or Email

Crystal Raleigh, City Engineer, 715-426-3409 or Email 

Kevin Westhuis, Utility Director, 715-426-3442 or Email