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Historic Preservation Commission
  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Second Wednesday of every month
  • Training Room, City Hall, 222 Lewis Street, River Falls, Wisconsin 54022
  • The agenda for the commission can be found here


  • Sean Downing, Common Council Representative
  • Denton Anderson - Term Expires January 2020
  • Jayne Hoffman - Term Expires January 2019
  • Rebecca Prendergast - Term Expires February 2019
  • Heidi Heinze - Term Expires January 2020
  • Pam Friede - Term Expires January 2018                
  • Mark Anderson - Term Expires January 2019
  • Vacant

Members of this board are appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council. Terms are three years in length.
  • Legal Basis: 1993 Wisconsin Act 471 Municipal Code - Section 17.76.030
  • Compensation: Per Resolution Number 3041, Dated August 22, 1997

The duties of the commission are to select geographically-defined areas within the city to be designated as historic districts and to prepare a historic preservation plan for each area. The Commission woks with property owners to designate and educate about local historic buildings. Special projects the Historic Preservation Commission is working on are:
     1.In 2017, the Commission will work jointly with the River Falls Park Board to develop a  management plan for the historic Foster Cemetery.
     2. In 2017 the Commission will begin planning for a River Falls History Museum. Work will focus on identifying the progression of key goals, a timeline and a strategy to work towards making a History Museum a reality.
     3. In 2017 work will be completed on a National Register Nomination for the Glen Park Swinging Bridge. We expect approval from the State in the spring and final approval by the National Park Service by the fall of 2017.
     4. In 2015 the Commission approved and forwarded to the State Historic Society, the City of River Falls Intensive Architectural and Historic Survey. It was approved by the State in the fall of 2015. The survey identifies significant buildings and structures in the City built prior to 1975. The survey was put to use in 2016 to secure grant funding for the Swinging Bridge national Register nomination research and application.
     5. The Historic Preservation Commission continues to research and plaque significant commercial buildings downtown. This program began in 2007 and numerous buildings have been plaqued. In 2016 work was completed on the Prairie Mill and 109 & 111 South Main Street (the site of Mel's and Mel's Patio).

Historic Story Maps of River Falls
The Historic Story Maps of River Falls, Wisconsin, are a great way to explore “The City on the Kinni.” Whether you prefer to do your exploring from the comfort of your home or while walking around on your mobile device, these will make your experience enjoyable. There are two versions entitled “The City on the Kinni” and "A Walk Through Time".
“The City on the Kinni” offers a comprehensive history of the River Falls starting in 1848 when Joel Foster first came to the area taking you through the development of the City. It is ideally enjoyed on a desktop computer. While using "A Walk Through Time", the optimal experience is on your mobile device (e.g. phone or tablet) allowing you to travel to and learn about different locations and buildings around River Falls. You may be surprised what you find out about the history of this beautiful City.

Tony Steiner
Senior Planner