Other Billing Information

Prompt Bill Payment

A charge of no more than 3% per month will be added to bills not paid within 20 days from the date of issuance. This late-payment charge shall be applied only once to any given amount outstanding. This charge is applicable to all customers.

Reconnection Billing

A customer whose service is disconnected in accordance with the disconnection rules as outlined in the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter PSC 113 shall be required to pay a reconnection charge. The charge shall be $35 during regular office hours. After regular office hours, the minimum reconnection charge of $75 applies plus any overtime labor costs, not to exceed a total maximum charge of $75.

Reconnection of a Seasonal Customer

Reconnection of a service for a seasonal customer who has been disconnected for less than 1 year shall be subject to the same reconnection charges outlined above. A seasonal customer shall be charged for all minimum bills, which would have been incurred, had the customer not temporarily disconnected service.

Power Cost Adjustment Clause

All metered rates are subject to a positive or negative purchase power cost adjustment charge equivalent to the amount by which the current cost of power (per kilowatt-hour of sales) is more or less than the base cost of power purchased (per kilowatt-hour of sales). Periodic changes are made to maintain the proper relative structure of the rates to insure that power costs are being equitably recovered from the various rate classes. Our utility will file with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) within 30 days for changes in rates to incorporate a portion of the power cost adjustment into the base rates if, after final wholesale rates have been authorized, a monthly adjustment exceeds the PSC’s authorized amount.

Other Customer / Rate Classifications

For information on rates for other customer classes, call us at 715-425-0906. These classes include:

  • Area Lighting Service (Ms-2)
  • Industrial Power (CP-3)
  • Large Power (Cp-2)
  • Municipal Street Lighting (Ms-1)
  • Parking Lot Lights (Ms-3)
  • Pathway Lighting (Ms-4)