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Residential Parking Permit Application

  1. Residential Parking Permit Application

    This submission form is for City of River Falls residents who reside in residential parking zones. If you would like to apply for a parking permit, please complete the below form. We will begin reviewing applications on August 17th. You will need proof of residency, as required in Section 12.06.060 of the Municipal Code. If you have any questions about parking permits, please call us at (715) 425-0909.

    If you would like to mail in your application, please click the "Mail in" option below for instructions.
    If you are unable to print the application there are printed copies of the application available in our entryway for mail-in submissions.

    Required Documents for Proof of Residency:
    If you own the property, you will need to submit a scanned copy of a recent property tax statement, or utility bill that shows that you reside at the property. If you rent the property, you will need to submit a copy of your lease agreement that displays the address of the property, your name as a renter, and the dates which your lease is valid.

    There is no fee for the initial permit. Replacement permits are $50, transfers are $10.

  2. Map of Parking Permit Areas
    Residential Parking Zones

    Please review the map to see if your address qualifies for a permit. Your address qualifies for a permit if you reside in an area with permit parking restrictions.

  3. City of River Falls Residential Parking Permit Application

    Please fill out the following form with the perspective permit holder's information.

  4. Would you like to submit an online application, or mail an application?*

  5. Do you rent or own the property?*

  6. Your permanent mailing address. If you a renter, this is typically different than the address that qualifies for a permit.

  7. Mailing Address

  8. Mailing Address

  9. (2 Door, 4 Door, SUV, Pickup)

  10. (2-Door, 4-Door, SUV, Pickup)

  11. Property Owner Only - Guest Permits*

    Please check if you would like guest permits (these permits are only valid for the street block on which your residence is located).

  12. I attest under oath that I reside (permanently or temporarily) at a residence covered by this permit.*

  13. This permit is only valid for the parking zone for which it is issued*

  14. Please attach a copy of your lease agreement that shows:
    1.) The dates that your lease is valid
    2.) Your name is listed as a renter of the property.

  15. Please enter the date range your lease is valid

  16. If you were not able to list both of the above requirements, please add the other document here.

  17. Please attach a copy of a recent property tax statement or utility bill that shows you reside at the listed property.

  18. Please provide an email for us to send the parking permit after we have had an opportunity to review your application.

  19. Disclaimers

    Please allow up to a week for us to review your application.

    If you are submitting an online application
    Once approved, you will need a color printer to print out your parking permit.
    If you do not have a color printer, you can drop off a self-addressed stamped envelope at the Police Department for us to mail your permit to you.

  20. Please type your full name to serve as your electronic signature, agreeing that all above information is true.

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