Even / Odd Watering Restrictions

Every summer our water system is impacted by the additional stress of irrigation efforts during dry weather. In past years we have experienced so much water use that one of our wells had difficulty recharging, resulting in the need to implement an emergency water restriction to help reduce the demand on the system. As a result, a Water Conservation Ordinance that balances consumer needs with environmental concerns was adopted to prevent overuse of water resources and ensure a sufficient water supply for fire protection purposes.


The following even / odd watering restrictions shall be in effect at all times between May 1 and September 30:

  • Sprinkling times are before 8 a.m. and after 7 p.m.
    • Odd-numbered street addresses are permitted for sprinkling on odd-numbered days.
    • Even-numbered street addresses are permitted for sprinkling on even-numbered days


Unless otherwise prohibited, the following activities are permitted at any time:

  • Sprinkling on gardens, trees, and shrubs through use of a hand-held watering can or other hand-held container or hose, provided such watering device is utilized manually and cannot be left unattended
  • Sprinkling or otherwise irrigating new landscape
  • Sprinkling or otherwise irrigating outdoor sports complexes including, but not limited to, baseball diamonds
  • Sprinkling conducted at cemeteries

Additional Information

For further information, view a detailed copy of Water Conservation Ordinance, Section 13.080.040 (PDF), or check out an Even / Odd Water Sprinkling Informational Flyer (PDF) containing tips on how to reduce the need for water, rain barrel rebate program details, and how water use varies throughout the year.