Irrigation Meters

If you intend to use a substantial amount of water outside, you may want to consider installing a 2nd water meter, known as an irrigation meter. These outside irrigation meters are used to monitor use when watering lawns and gardens, washing cars, etc. This meter allows us to bill you for water usage without charging sanitary sewer.

The Homeowner’s Responsibility

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide the necessary plumbing for this meter. The utility will provide the meter, but the homeowner or plumber is responsible for installing the meter according to Utility Installation Guidelines (PDF).* Once the meter is installed, the utility will inspect and seal the meter. This irrigation meter will be read and billed monthly on your monthly utility bill. This statement will include a customer charge based on the size of the meter installed and a monthly water usage charge, without sewer charges.

Meter Discontinuation

If at any time you decide to discontinue the use of an irrigation meter, it is the property owner’s responsibility to make necessary plumbing changes, including capping of the unused irrigation line upstream of any existing valves. It will be necessary to arrange for the utility to shut the water off so this can be done.

Irrigation Meter Rental Charge

The Irrigation Meter Rental Charge rate applies to a single-family residential and small commercial customers. At utility discretion, it may also be applied to other customers. A rental fee shall be charged for the use of this meter and following rates shall apply.

Monthly Fixed Irrigation Meter Service Charge (Effective July 1, 2016)

Meter Size
Rate (Per Month)
5/8 Inch
3/4 Inch
1 Inch
1½ Inch
2 Inch

Monthly Volume Charge

Monthly Volume Charge - $2.56 per 1,000 gallons

Additional Information

For additional questions or to arrange for the delivery of an irrigation meter, call 715-425-0906.

*City Inspections does require a permit for a back flow preventer. For more information, please contact the inspections department at 715-426-3427.