Impact & Connection Fees

Water Utility Impact Fees and Sanitary Sewer Connection Fees went into effect on July of 2002 for all new developments in the City of River Falls with the purpose of establishing a means to collect from new developments for the capital costs of acquiring, establishing, upgrading, expanding, and constructing public facilities that are necessary to accommodate that development. This helps assure that new development bears an appropriate share of the cost of capital expenditures to provide public facilities. New development includes new buildings and upgrades to existing structures.

Residential Equivalent Unit

A cost per residential equivalent unit (REU) for installation of water and sewer facilities was determined and specific guidelines were established. These fees are reviewed every 2 years and adjusted, if necessary, to ensure that the charge is appropriate for the actual capital costs.

One hundred % (100%) of fees are collected at time of building permit and used specifically for the costs of providing public facilities, such as water mains, water towers, sewer mains, land acquisition, etc. They also account for the capacity required at the wastewater treatment facility for new development and will establish a means to upgrade the facility when needed to accommodate increased usage.

Breaking Down the Fees

These fees are broken down by area based on the utility’s actual cost to provide service to new development in those areas. Some areas are more costly based on the topography of the area, existing facilities, or other barriers that may increase the cost of providing facilities. This is a fair means to assure that each development is paying its true proportional share of the cost for public utilities, rather than existing ratepayers bearing the cost.

Fees were last reviewed in December of 2014, for implementation January 1, 2015. For current rates, see the City's Fee Schedule (Building Development Fees) or contact Customer Service at 715-425-0906.