City Board of Appeals


This board meets as required.


The duties of this board are to hear and decide appeals and variances per code requirements.

Appointing authority lies with the mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council. Members are elected to three-year terms.

  • Compensation: Per Resolution Number 3041, Dated August 22, 1997
  • Legal Basis: WI Stats.62.23(7) - Municipal Code Section 17.104.030

Board of Appeals Members, left to right: Gary Horvath, Andrew Brown, Morris Marsolek, Eric Amundsen, and Jeanette Leonard.


  • Andrew Brown - Term Expires February 2021
  • Gary Horvath - Term Expires October 2020
  • Jeanette Leonard - Term Expires October 2019
  • Morris Marsolek - Term Expires October 2020
  • Eric Amundsen - Term Expires October 2021
  • Kellen Wells-Mangold - First Alternate
  • Second Alternate - Vacant