Parks and Recreation Advisory Board


  • 5:15 p.m.
  • Third Wednesday of every month
  • Training Room, City Hall, 222 Lewis Street, River Falls, WI 54022
  • Agendas for this Board can be found here


  • Patricia LaRue, Chairperson
    Term Expires: May 2024
  • Sean Downing, Council Representative
  • Brandon Dobbertin
    Term Expires: May 2023
  • Brenda Gaulke
    Term Expires: May 2021
  • Matt Janquart
    Term Expires: May 2024
  • Melissa Pedrini
    Term Expires: May 2022
  • One Vacancy

Appointing authority lies with the mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council. Members are elected to three-year terms.

  • Legal Basis: Municipal Code Section 2.44


The duty of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on use of park facilities, future parks, construction of parks, and recreation programs.

20 Feb 2019 Park Board members