Tree Pruning

Schedule & Notifications

Under direction of the City Forester, the City of River Falls Public Works Department typically prunes trees and brush in parks, alleys, and along road right of ways within the City throughout the winter months. Timing of this work depends on the weather and is usually completed between snowstorms and other winter weather conditions. Once an area in need of pruning has been identified, door hanger notification cards are hung on properties in the area to be pruned.

Tree Pruning Operations

Boulevard tree pruning operations mainly consists of removing limbs to raise the canopy of the tree over the street and or sidewalk. Structural pruning is also completed to improve a tree's from and to minimize potential hazards. Pruning trees on a regular cycle across the City helps to prevent limbs from being hit by vehicles such as semis, garbage trucks, snow plows, school buses, and street sweepers. Pruning is also done to provide visibility at intersections, curves, and corners per Municipal Ordinance 17.08.030. 

Chipping & Composting

Most tree material is chipped on site and the chips are dumped at the compost site on the end of Locust Street past the River Falls School District's bus garage. Chips are free for city residents to take on a first come, first serve basis. Materials too large for the City's chipper are delivered to the wood pile at the compost site, then ground and recycled by a large tub grinder into wood fuel used in the bio boilers to heat buildings in downtown St. Paul. This process is done at no cost to the city. 

For more information on River Falls Urban Forestry or Emerald Ash Borer please visit the Urban Forestry website.